Monday, September 12, 2011


DesignSponge, the wonderful and generous and hug-worthy design blog, has done a feature on our home. I will give the downlow later (I really like "downlow" despite being generally opposed to made up contemporary words). Right now I simply have to show a couple of photos by my wonderful and talented friend Trevor Tondro that didn't make it onto the feature, due to space. I have to show them because these are our trees and I want to introduce some of our trees. Say hello, trees!

Paul and our dog Mila

August's crib

When I was 8 months pregnant I got a little crazy from being housebound in February, in an apartment we'd just moved into. Nothing felt like home yet. It smelled of new paint (non-toxic for upcoming baby but it still has a new paint smell) and was white white white and big big big. So I called my brother and dragged him into the park with me because I simply wanted, simply needed, some trees in the house. Why? Because, that's why.

I've always put trees into my home(s). When I was 9 I got my own room in our newly refurbished attic. And I decided to go chop down some saplings and prop them between the floor and the low ceiling, to make it feel like I lived in "Where the Wild Things Are".

That's still my dream. Why hasn't it happened? Because I'm mature, partnered, busy? Sure, all of those things. But you know what? That is LAME.

I feel so incredibly lucky that DesignSponge wanted to do a post on our home. And now I am going to go around undoing everything and finally, I mean why the hell not, make our home a jungle. I mean, c'mon, we have a little boy. He'd think it's cool.

Or who cares about that either. Sometimes, if there's something completely ridiculous you want but you've wanted it YOUR WHOLE LIFE, you should do it.


  1. I love your house (followed the link from DS) !! Stylish and livable and with lovely whimsical touches. Love these shots here of the trees! These should have made the cut on Design Sponge!

  2. Hello! I am also here via DS. Very happy to have found my way - will definitely be back. I love seeing other artists' spaces, and your nursery is devine!

    I totally agree with you about the tree, too ;)

  3. hello, i found field notes through the designsponge story on your home, which i loved. just loved. your place is one of my favorites i've seen. nice trees! i love how my eyes go up up to the ceiling looking at the pictures.

    britt madsen

  4. Like the rest, followed u from DS because of the trees. What can I say, I love trees too & everything about trees (the leaves, the twigs and the list goes on..).It calms me. I don't know, 'They' speak for themselves.

  5. hello! i love the trees and branches! i actually found your site prior to the DS feature via A Printable Press. And I like your blog! :) ok just decided to say hello! after all this time..yes awkward... :p

  6. THANK YOU JESUS. I just saw the feature (finally), and was showing David, and FLIPPED OUT that there wasn't a picture of the crib and the trees. I was going to make you email it to me, so phew.

    Seriously though? The house is better in person, as great as the pictures are. MWAH.

  7. Love the trees, gorgeous. Here through Meg. I do have to ask though, doesn't 'down low' mean closet homosexual? I am wondering if you mean lowdown? But, perhaps I am not hip to the lingo!

  8. Hello, hello! Here via both DS and Meg @ APW. LOVE the trees - both the execution and the very idea of bringing actual, real trees into the house. :) One question, though: how are they held in place? Did you just cut them to the right height to snugly fit between floor & ceiling or is there something else going on? Thanks!